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Vienna Arts Society Contributors

A special thank you to individuals, businesses, and organizations for your support of the Vienna Arts Society. Your monetary contributions, products, services, and grants are greatly appreciated.

Benefactors ($1000 or more)

Davy D’Agostino

The Cator Family

Lisa O’Hara

The Arts Council of Fairfax


Sponsors ($500 or more)


Jean Conte


Torpedo Factory

Town of Vienna

Duncan Whittaker


Patrons ($100 or more)


Arla Albers

Vivian Attermeyer

Libby Eckert

Jeff Gorrell

Donna Grone

Charlotte Potashnik

Grace Rooney

David and Cary Sienicki

Dore’ Skidmore

Edda Tallard

T Rowe Price

Wei Lu


Friends ($50 or more)


Thank you…

  • Dick Neff for the donation of the Apple computer to be installed in our new center.
  • Charlotte Potashnik for her year end gift.
  • Laurel Gainor for her gift.
  • Madeleine Chen for her  donation.
  • Libby Eckert for her donation.
  • Sue Hamilton for her donation made in memory of her dear friend Vera Haywood.
  • Diana Hunter for her donation.
  • Davi D’Agostino for her donation.
  • Julie Beal for the donation in memory of Vera Heywood.
  • Mary E. Furlow for the donation in memory of Vera Heywood.
  • Sandra Hill for her donation to help defray the costs of putting on Big Sale / Small Works.
  • The Vienna Rotary for their gift.
  • Duncan Whitaker for his new membership year donation.



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