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Patrick Henry Library — December 12 to March 13

"Winter Cardinal ", watercolor by Robert Dowler

“Winter Cardinal “, watercolor by Robert Dowler

We are pleased to announce that the doors are open during Library hours.

The primary exhibition space at the Patrick Henry Library is the Meeting Room, so the art exhibition will now be open for viewing during Library hours, except when a group has reserved the room.

The next show opens March 13 so when you arrange to pick up your Winter Show entries at 9:30 AM on Monday, March 13, you may submit your new work.

Members may submit one piece for the next show at 10:00 am that morning.

Please email the following information for the catalog to Anita Epstein,



Children’s Printmaking Workshop¬†

In March, the Vienna Arts society will host a printmaking workshop at Patrick Henry Library. This popular event is free to the children who register to participate. A team of artists assist in various printmaking methods throughout the workshop by providing different stations for the students to try their hand with these art making experiences. TBA