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Pastel Workshop with Bryan Jernigan — June 9

Bryan Jernigan

Bryan Jernigan

“The Power of Pastel”: A Saturday landscape workshop with Bryan Jernigan will be help at the VAS Art Center June 9 .


National award-winning pastelist, Bryan Jernigan, paints impressionistic landscapes. Watch him demonstrate from beginning to end, while he shares with you the secrets of the pastel medium. From choosing papers, to learning about the basics of value, composition and application, a new world of artistic possibilities will open up for you. Jernigan shows you how to produce loosely expressive, traditional, works on a small scale, but also how to incorporate realistic structures (barns, houses, etc) within the landscape. For beginners and experienced pastelists alike, you’ll learn what tools to use, get guidance on aerial perspective, add just enough information to suggest landscapes, explore framing options, and discover application tips and tricks to take your art to the next level. If you are looking for a balance between control and expressiveness, color confidence and greater mastery, this is the workshop for you.

Register with Bryan jernigan directly

Bryan Jernigan,

workshop held at 
Vienna Art Society, 115 Pleasant Street, NW, Vienna, VA

$150 due by June 2.   All major credit cards accepted.

Call Bryan Jernigan at 571-263-6317 or email at

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