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New VAS Leadership

Meet our new leadership team!

Introducing, from left to right: Susan, Jodi and Hayden


President: Hayden Luczka

Vice President: Jodi Condes

Secretary: Susan Tilton


Treasurer, Laurel Gainor will remain on the board for the coming year, and she’ll be joined by President Hayden Luczka, Vice President Jodi Condes and Secretary Susan Tilton.

Many thanks to the officers for their many hours giving leadership to our dynamic group.

Other members, serving various committees and initiatives from the past leadership team, have agreed to continue. This is a sign of camaraderie that develops with the pride of getting things done. There is always room for more hands

Outgoing President Doré Skidmore thanked the entire board, to include Vice-President Charlotte Potashnik and Secretary Roxanne Himmelberger, who will also be stepping down at the end of June. They will continue to work with  the new board as VAS prepares for it’s 50th anniversary in 2019.