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Member Corner

The VAS members meet on the second Thursday of each month in the Vienna Art Center. VAS monthly meetings are free and open to the public.  Guest artists and other experts demonstrate various media and provide continuing education to artists and persons interested in the arts.

  • Textures – November 6 to January 8
    Textures – November 6 to January 8
    VAS Member Artists were very creative in interpreting the theme “Textures”.  Come by the Art Center and you’ll see how beautifully Textures are expressed in so many artistic styles and media. A reception will be held on Saturday, November 18, from 5PM to 7PM, which will also feature a fundraiser, BIG SALE/small […]...
  • Holiday Party -- December 14
    Holiday Party — December 14
    The Vienna Arts Society members invite friends and family  to a festive celebration, open house at the Art Center on Thursday, December 14 at 7:30PM.  Artist of the year 2018 will be introduced.  As usual members share their culinary delights, finger foods, during this gathering. There is always lively conversation […]...
  • "Up Close to Mother Nature" -- December 18 - February 26
    “Up Close to Mother Nature” — December 18 – February 26
    Get ready for VAS special exhibit at Green Spring Botanical Gardens: “Up Close to Mother Nature”  This VAS members only exhibit is planned for Monday, December 18 – Monday, February 26 with an Awards Reception Sunday, January 7, 1PM to 3PM. Chair Ruth Ensley is inviting members to register and download your prospectus.  Two members are […]...
  • Ken Frye – Artist of the Year 2017
    Ken Frye – Artist of the Year 2017
      Ken Frye Ken Frye is enjoying the end of 2017 as VAS Artist of the Year. The artist of the year for 2018 will be named at the Holiday party in December 14. The Vienna Arts Society named Ken Frye “Artist of the Year 2017“. Ken is a commercial […]...

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