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Ken Frye – Artist of the Year 2017


2017 Artist of the Year, Ken FryeKen Frye

Ken Frye is enjoying the end of 2017 as VAS Artist of the Year. The artist of the year for 2018 will be named at the Holiday party in December 14.

The Vienna Arts Society named Ken FryeArtist of the Year 2017“. Ken is a commercial artist and illustrator known for his vividly realistic watercolors of Americana. His paintings of Victorian homes in Cape May, (his family’s favorite summer retreat) are widely collected.

Ken holds degrees from Miami and American University, and he worked on his doctorate at Syracuse University. He was Art Director of National Education Association before opening his own studio on Washington’s Vermont Avenue.

Ken’s techKEN FRYE-ART CTRnique is reminiscent to Andrew Wyeth’s handling of paint media; he derives its structural and compositional strength from Honoré Daumier. Realistic in detail, his paintings are endowed with sensitivity and feeling for the subject transcending mere reproduction. His brush documents the American scene; capturing the majesty of an old barn, a weathered fence, a bowl of wild daisies, or a threatening stormy sky.

Ken’s paintings are represented in several museums as well as private collections in the United States and abroad. Many are commissioned mementos of beloved homes, landmarks or favorite scenes.

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Watercolor by Ken Frye

Watercolor by Ken Frye