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Jacqueline Saunders Workshop — January 17

Watercolor studies by Jacquline Saunders

Watercolor studies by Jacquline Saunders

Jackie Saunders Workshop:  Painting Faces in Watercolor

The Vienna Arts Society is taking registrations for the full day workshop on January 17, 2018 to explore the human face in watercolor with Jackie Saunders. The fee will be $125, VAS members and $150 for non-members. There is room for only a  limited number of participants, so reserve your spot soon.

Please call the Art Center at 703 319-3971  to reserve your spot.


Jackie has won many prestigious awards for her portraits and other paintings, including those in The Treasury of Art, the Annual Exhibit of the Virginia Watercolor Society, and exhibitions by the Potomac Valley Watercolorist.

Jackie has invited one of her favorite models to come to the workshop so she can do demonstrations and help participants create their own paintings. Throughout the day she will stress “keeping your eye on the model and your hand on the page.” Key topics are listed below:

1)  Contour drawing of the head and face,
2)  Painting the head and face with washes of warm and cooler color, planning hard and soft edges and connecting shadow shapes.
3)  Painting the head and face without a first wash.

Participants should bring their own painting supplies and come prepared for an exciting workshop.

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Statement of Purpose: 

I enjoy working directly from life (the live model, flowers, still-life, beach scene, coffee shop etc.) rather than from photographs.  I seek the gesture and action of movement with fluid line and washes of ink or color mixed directly on the paper.  My goal is to stay clean and transparent with few over-washes.  Frequently I work at an easel and my ink or paint drips.  Often I sit below my subject, which elevates and dramatizes the figure.