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“How to See and Think Like an Artist”

Tom Kollins shares a way to remember design concepts.Tom Kollins shares a way to remember design concepts.

Tom Kollins – Guest Artist

It’s all about visualization! We need to start the creative process in our minds before we begin painting.

As an artist, Tom has done extensive research to figure out a “Memory Aid” to help him recall key artistic concepts to improve his art. He’ll share his concept with us at next week’s meeting, “How to See and Think Like an Artist.”

We all have paintings in a corner that aren’t successful, but we’re not ready to toss them in the trash bin. So Tom’s advice is before throwing the painting away consider trying to rescue it.


He reminded artist to ask themselves “Why are you creating this?” before you start.

What are you trying to accomplish?  His matrix for remembering those key elements that you want to remember to put in your artwork is also useful when you critique your artwork: for example,  Think about your direction of  Light, Color, Value, Design and technique you plan to use. Remember that your are “the King”,  you get to create whatever you want!

Everyone enjoyed the evening, Thursday, May 11 at 7:30pm.

Linda Jones will show us her Quilt Painting artwork next meeting, June 8 at 7:30pm.