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General Membership Meeting– Thursday, October 11, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Touched, Photo by Deborah Kennedy

The guest speaker will be Deborah Kennedy at our next meeting on Thursday, October 11, at 7;30 PM at the VAS Art Center.

Deborah Kennedy will guide us through telling a story with your artwork and increase ways to hold a viewers attention to your art ten times longer.  Deborah Kennedy is a creative VAS artist, photographer and poet.  She has a real talent for showing depth in an image.

From the Artists:

On average people spend 17 seconds looking at a painting in an art museum.  (see link). We all do it – just skim right through. There are ways of increasing that by ten times.  Learn to tell a story, capture attention, and make a memory. We will also do a bit of unclogging our “creative block”. Fair warning; there will be activities.

Visit Deborah Kennedy at her website:



Come and enjoy this speaker and greet your fellow VAS artists at this monthly gathering.