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Call for Photographers

VISUAL STORIES Our annual judged Photography Exhibition, is chaired by Margaret Raymond, with Laura Goyer serving as judge. (Click here for the judge’s statement).

The show opens Monday, August 13, with the Awards Reception Sunday, August 26.

Look for details as well as the Prospectus is upcoming.

Judge, Laura Goyer


Judge’s Statement

The theme for this years contest is “Visual Stories”.
Making a likeness of a person, place or thing in itself is not the goal here. The ideal image will use composition, angle, lighting, depth of field and whatever artistic interpretation or enhancement you chose to elevate your photograph from likeness to story. Lead us with your title only, no accompanying stories permitted. If you chose to make a composite, all elements of the image must be created by you. What do you see or feel in a unique way that you could share with our art community? Go make that!